Downtown Land Use (click here to view a map of downtown land uses (PDF))

In October 2010, the City conducted a survey of properties within the downtown area to determine the current mix of land uses. Each property was placed into one of ten land use classifications, though in some cases, properties were divided if they contained more than one classification. The survey revealed that downtown Cadillac is home to a diverse group of businesses, agencies, and organizations. 

Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

The objective of the Cadillac DDA is to promote economic development and maintain or improve property values within the DDA District by undertaking public improvements, planning, and marketing for the area. These activities are public purposes and are financially supported by legally-ascribed funding methods. The DDA also works with other organizations such as the Downtown Fund, the Downtown Cadillac Association, and the City of Cadillac to pool resources and coordinate development efforts whenever possible. For more information, contact the DDA Director at (231) 775-0181, extension 101.

The following are programs created and maintained by the DDA in furtherance of its objectives and goals.

Elevator Grant Program

DDA District property owners planning new construction or major renovation to buildings open to the public and in need of barrier-free accessibility are encouraged to consider the DDA Elevator Grant Program. In order to qualify, a project must satisfy specific private investment and job creation / residential tenant creation criteria. When these criteria are satisfied, the DDA will reimburse the developer for the cost of the elevator up to its cost or 10 years of TIF capture on the specific property, whichever is less. A copy of the DDA Elevator Grant Policy may be obtained by clicking on the link.

Facade Improvement Program

This program is available to properties within the boundaries of the Cadillac Development District. Up to $30,000 is available per building for façade improvements, which may include front and/or rear façades, or any side façade that abuts public property. Both building owners and tenants are eligible. Façade loans are made in partnership with the applicant's choice of a number of local banks. For more information, view Façade Improvement Program.

Public Infrastructure Improvements

The DDA established a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and Development Plan in 1993. This plan allows the DDA to collect TIF revenues and complete public infrastructure improvements throughout the Downtown Development District. The DDA Board prioritizes future projects every two years through a strategic planning process. Projects are selected based on their overall ability to contribute to the revitalization of downtown Cadillac and encourage private investment.

Retail Bounty Program

The Retail Bounty Program was implemented by the DDA as a tool to promote retail business development in the DDA District. The program offers a financial incentive to individuals verified as the "procuring cause" for the establishment of a retail business in the district. Program eligibility and funding information (PDF) may be found here.

Business Improvement District

The Cadillac BID was created in March 2005 to oversee the maintenance and operations of the City's downtown off-street parking lots. Because of the historical and compact development of Cadillac's downtown, many properties there do not provide parking, nor are they required to provide it. Instead, downtown businesses share the convenience and availability of public parking spaces and historically shared in the cost of providing these spaces through an annual special assessment.

For more information on how off-street public parking lots are maintained in downtown Cadillac, see the Cadillac BID's 2012 Auto Parking Fund Marketing & Development Plan (PDF).

This spreadsheet (PDF) lists the downtown properties that pay the annual special parking assessment, how their assessment was calculated, and what their assessment will be.