Parade & Event Policy

  • No more than one parade on Mitchell St. in any month
  • If Mitchell St. is utilized as a parade route, the following conditions must be met:
    • Entire width utilized
    • Only Saturday morning, holiday morning, and weekday evenings (after 6:00 pm) parades
    • At least six weeks notice
    • Only established parades or events or new events with significant units (bands, floats, etc.) will be considered
  • Parades which do not meet the criteria listed in the above paragraph shall be held on Lake and/or Chesnut streets at a time mutually agreed upon between organizers and City Administration.
  • It is the Council's desire that all parade organizers strongly consider using Lake and Chestnut St. for future parades.

Event Policy

  • All Events require the Request Planning Guide form found under Applications & Permits under the Living In drop down menu or it is also found on the left side of the Home page.
  • Please submit forms at least 60 days prior to the actual event, as some events require City Council approval.
  • Make sure when submitting forms that you have all correct information, forms and necessary paperwork.
  • All events will meet with the Event Committee prior to council approval.
  • All events require liability insurance: Required Min, general aggregate amount of $1,000,000, naming the City of Cadillac as Certificate Holder and as additionally insured.
  • Fees are due 30 days before Event.