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City Council
The Council is the legislative authority and governing body
of the City of Cadillac. The Council exercises all power
conferred upon or possessed by the City by adoption of laws,
ordinances, and resolutions, except as limited by the City Charter
or state law (City Charter, Section 3.1).

Time: First and third Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m.
 Location: City of Cadillac Council Chambers at 200 N. Lake Steet

 City Council meetings are televised on CCTV; Channel 189.

 Agendas and Minutes
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The Council is composed of five members, one of whom is Mayor. All members have equal authority. Terms of office are four years for Council Members and two years for the Mayor.






Carla Filkins
Robert J. Engels
Council Member
Stephen King
Council Member
Tiyi Schippers
Council Member
Shari Spoelman
Mayor Pro-Tem

Members Ward Term Expires
Carla J. Filkins
December 31, 2019
Robert J. Engels Ward Three December 31, 2019
Stephen King Ward Four December 31, 2021
Tiyi Schippers Ward Two December 31, 2021
Shari Spoelman Ward One December 31, 2019
 View a map of the City of Cadillac's Wards 


Education is encouraged for the part-time council members so that they will be at the cutting edge of information and issues involving municipal government. At various times throughout the year, members of the Cadillac City Council travel to seminars and training sessions to enhance their education and ability to fulfill the roles required by the office they have been elected to fill.
Salaries are set by an independent advisory committee that meets every two years.
Current salary information:

  • Mayor: $4,300 per year
  • Council member: $3,000 per year




Did You Know?
  • Cadillac was previously known as the Village of Clam Lake. The Village of Clam Lake incorporated in 1874 and three years later it became a city and changed its name to Cadillac in honor of the French explorer, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac.
  • The canal between Lake Mitchell and Lake Cadillac is one of the man-made wonders of the world.

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