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Posted on: June 6, 2023

Preliminary Draft of the Zoning Ordinance

 City Staff  have provide a briefing on the Preliminary Draft Zoning Code and are holding public forums to gather public input. The next public forum date will be announced once scheduled.

This Zoning Ordinance draft should be considered as very preliminary. Although each chapter has undergone review, staff are currently undertaking a final review of each chapter to make sure there is consistency between all the chapters throughout the Code. As required since Cadillac is a Redevelopment Ready Certified Community, the Preliminary Zoning Ordinance draft was sent to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, a state agency, for their review, and has been found to meet their standards.  

The City is releasing this copy of the Preliminary Draft Zoning Ordinance for the purpose of gaining public input. Once this draft is edited after receiving public input for consideration, it will undergo a final internal staff review, legal review, and be presented as a draft for Planning Commission consideration.  Following the Planning Commission consideration, which includes a Public Hearing, the draft is then forwarded to City Council for their consideration. City Council will also have a Public Hearing on the draft, prior to taking action.

Note, due to the significant interest in the short-term rental issue, that section of Code has been broken out of the ordinance that specifically addresses short-term rental units, to make it easier to review.                                                                                               

                                                                                                          Best Practice Resources:

Preliminary Draft Short Term Rentals                                               Michigan Assoc. Planning Zoning Reform Toolkit                                                                         

Draft Short Term Rental Map                                                            MEDC Redevelopment Ready Communities Best Practices                                                           

Presentation for Public Forum June 13, 2023

Below are copies of the preliminary draft Zoning Ordinance by chapter. 

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Administration, Zoning Amendments, Enforcement

Chapter 3 Construction of Language and Definitions

Chapter 4 General Provisions

Chapter 5 Site Plan Review

Chapter 6 Zone Districts

Chapter 7 Special Land Uses

Chapter 8 Residential Planned Unit Development

Chapter 9 Mixed-Use Planned Unit Development

Chapter 10 Landscaping and Fencing

Chapter 11 Signs

Chapter 12 Off-Street Parking, Driveways

Chapter 13 Nonconformities

Chapter 14 Zoning Board of Appeals

Preliminary Zoning Map ; 6.9.23

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